Subtle Body Healing

We are more than just our physical body.  The subtle body is the place where the physical and the metaphysical meet.  There are many layers to the body—including physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  By working with the subtle body, we can begin to integrate all of these layers, thus integrating body, mind, and spirit.

My practice includes people of all ages—adults, children, and infants—and in all states of wellness—those seeking relaxation, recovery from physical and emotional trauma, care of chronic and terminal illness, and people approaching death.  I have extensive experience with end of life care.

I emphasize working with the individual more than simply treating a condition.  My intention is to offer the possibility of healing through experiencing who we really are, in both the smallest and greatest sense.  In knowing who we are, we become more connected to our true nature.  The deepest healing comes from self acceptance.

“Except for this point, this still point,
There would be no dance,
And there is only the dance.”

-T.S. Eliot

Craniosacral Bodywork

"As a 63 year old Yoga teacher, I was suffering with a shoulder injury that would not allow me to bear weight on my right arm, nor move it higher than shoulder height in front and not at all behind my back. One day in yoga class, Cator mentioned she thought she could help me with that, so I made an appointment. This shoulder problem manifested from an injury received in an automobile accident 25+ years ago.

Cator was right – her work was helpful! I now have full range of motion in both arms and shoulders and am slowly working my way back into handstands. This work is very subtle, but every time I feel my body slipping back into old, negative habits, a session with Cator helps me put myself back together. I believe that working with Cator has been the next step in my long path to recovery."

Joanne Lyons, Yoga Teacher, Piedmont Yoga Studio, Oakland

"Cator is a gentle, insightful, and subtle healer whose craniosacral work helped me enormously during a health crisis. I had a problem with my reproductive system that lead to an emergency procedure, a surgery, and a cancer scare. Cator's touch helped me to relax and allow my body to heal. She also showed me some restorative yoga postures and offered a kind ear to listen to my fears, which strengthened my mind as well as my body. Her gifts enabled me to make my recovery more quickly, and I feel that she may have contributed to the oncologist's ultimate diagnosis, which was that I did not have cancer. I recommend her without reservation if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, as well as from a physical condition."

Elizabeth Costello, Cranial client & Yoga Student

Cranio – of or pertaining to the skull

Sacral – from Greek, meaning ‘sacred bone’

As the name implies, this is a bodywork focused on releasing restrictions in the skull and the length of the spine.  The practitioner works with the cranial wave—a subtle body pulse resulting from the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  CSF lubricates the spinal column and cushions the brain from the skull.  By releasing the restrictions in CSF movement, the central nervous system is soothed, and greater harmony is created in the body.

     The cranial wave is transmitted through the entire body via the fascia, or connective tissue.  Fascia is thin sheets of tissue surrounding or binding bones, muscles, and organs, forming a network or connection, throughout the body.   When working with the cranial wave, the fascia is released.  By freeing the fascia, the functioning of the muscles and organs is improved.  Our body takes on a new alignment, and we feel a greater sense of well being.

     A session consists of safe, non-invasive touch, which can have profound benefits.  The client remains comfortably clothed during the session.

Cator sees clients at her private office in lower pacific heights. In addition, Cator is currently a Master Practitioner at Kabuki Springs Spa.

”Your hand opens and closes, and opens and closes.
If it was always stretched open, or always closed,
You would be paralyzed.
Your deepest presence is in the fine folding and unfolding,
The two as perfectly balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”

-Jelalludin Rumi

Pediatric Craniosacral

"When my infant daughter had gastric reflux in the first three months of her life, we were besides ourselves with worry. She could not keep down more than half of what she ate, and digesting food was clearly painful to her. She was always in pain or hungry. She was not gaining weight, and our pediatrician was advocating pharmaceutical products – the impact of this on infants was not fully known. I was very upset.

I knew Cator worked on infants in her Craniosacral practice – I asked her to work with my baby. The sessions were gentle, and my daughter enjoyed them. After each session, her symptoms would intensify, and then she would have relief. We had just three sessions total, and I am happy to report that her reflux improved dramatically after that. She is now a normal, healthy baby, free of symptoms! I have Cator to thank that my daughter is not on harmful drugs and can eat without pain. We are grateful to her, and recommend this treatment to parents who are looking for a natural cure to reflux."

Gizella Babcock, new mother and yoga student

The miracle and ingenuity of the human body is nowhere more present than in the birthing process?both for mother and infant. The skull of a newborn is designed to compress during birthing, and unfurl in the days immediately following birth into its perfect shape, like a flower coming into bloom. However occasionally this does not happen by itself. Cranio-sacral bodywork can facilitate the natural unfolding of an infant?s skull which should take place. In England, every infant receives a cranial session from a qualified practitioner before leaving the hospital or birthing center. Cranio-sacral bodywork is so gentle and non-invasive that it is an exceptional modality for newborns and children. An annual cranial session is highly recommended as babies develop to facilitate the proper forming of the skull and related structures.

Cranio-sacral can also be very helpful for mom during pregnancy, and post-partum. The gentle nature of cranial work helps to release the tensions on the body resulting from the developing fetus within. Post-partum trauma and the repercussions of labor and delivery can be soothed through cranial work, as well as the changes in how a woman uses her body during nursing, and through lifting and carrying her new baby.

Hospice Bodywork: Sacred Touch for the Dying

The time leading up to dying is a period of rapid transformation. A time of letting go, and potentially a time of great healing of the heart and mind. Sacred touch can help to facilitate the transition from living into dying. Caring, skilled touch offers the opportunity to reconnect to the body, and soften this transition. Cranio-sacral bodywork is an exceptional compliment to the palliative care model of hospice, offering comfort to the patient. Cator has extensive experience working with people living with chronic and terminal illness, and with end of life care. A hospice volunteer for over 5 years with the Zen Hospice Project, Cator offered healing touch and spiritual support to the residents. Additionally, she has worked with individuals choosing to be cared for in their own homes. She is available to come to the home or residence of individuals as needed. Cator also leads bodywork trainings for hospice volunteers and staff.

To book a session, contact or call 415-235-9380

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours advance notice is requested for cancellation of private sessions of Yoga and/or Bodywork, or full payment is due. All cancellations must be made by calling (415) 235-9380.

In gratitude.

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