Cranial Touch

The Cranial wave is a subtle body pulse. When we tune into this body rhythm, we become deeply connected, calm, peaceful, at ease. We feel a part of the whole - our sense of separation falls away. Moving with awareness of the cranial wave allows our actions to be integrated. We are less prone to injury, and more in harmony with others.

Come and learn the principles of craniosacral bodywork. This workshop includes a lecture/power point about the cranial wave, guided movement to integrate awareness of the cranial wave in our bodies & minds, and hands on cranial techniques.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about Craniosacral bodywork and the Cranial wave. No previous experience needed. It will be of special interest to massage & bodywork practitioners, Yoga teachers & practitioners, Dancers, Movers & Shakers & other curious beings.

To book a session, contact or call 415-235-9380

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