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Photos by Nancy Dionne

Articles written by Cator Shachoy
Psoas I was saying... Do you trust me? - Common Ground September 2018
Pinocchio Wisdom - Reflections on Wise Consumption - Common Ground March 2017
Jaw Pain Q&A - Yoga for Healthy Aging Blog
Just say Aah- Yoga for Jaw Tension (pdf): Published in Common Ground, sept 2013.
Mindfulness at the Gates of Hell (pdf): Published in Turning Wheel, Winter 2010.

Teaching Yoga to Kids: Precepts 101 (pdf): by Cator Shachoy published in Common Ground, Yogapedia feature, March 2010
Guiding the Girls Back Home (pdf): By Cator Shachoy Published in Inquiring Mind, Spring 2008

The Chakra System (pdf): The Healing Potential of Integrating Ancient Yogic Wisdom and Modern Medical Understanding.
Published in Common Ground Published in Common Ground, August 2002.

Outside of the Bay Area
To find a Cranial practitioner in your area:

To find an Iyengar yoga teacher in your area:
This is the website of the Iyengar National Association of the United States.

To find a meditation group, teacher, or retreat in your area:

Inquiring Mind is a free Buddhist publication of the Vipassana Community. Each copy includes a comprehensive list of meditation groups and retreats nationwide. To order a copy, visit their website:

In Northern California:
Spirit Rock Meditation Center offers a variety of meditation retreats, workshops, and practice groups. Retreats last from 1 day to 2 months, and everything in between.

Insight Meditation Center of Redwood City, CA -

Ruth Denison, senior vipassana meditation teacher. In residence at the Dhamma Dena retreat Center, Joshua Tree, CA -

In Massachusetts:
Insight Meditation Society offers silent meditation retreats lasting from 3 days to 3 months. Associated with IMS is the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies offering a variety of Buddhist oriented workshops and retreats, and The Forest Refuge is a center for long term silent meditation.

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