Yoga for the Subtle Body

When we tune into the subtle energies of the body, we can learn to hold yoga poses with less effort and more ease. This results in going deeper in our practice. Working in this way will facilitate healing of injuries and structural imbalances. The cranial wave is a subtle body pulse. When we recognize this pulse, we are invited into a space of deep calm, and awareness of subtle internal movement. The experience and understanding of the cranial wave and its impact on physiology can invite us into a deeper relationship of body & mind.  This is very helpful as our practice matures.

This workshop includes lecture/ discussion, hands on partnered bodywork, pranayama and asana. Open to all. 6 months yoga practice will be helpful. This workshop includes lecture/ discussion with power point introduction to the cranial wave and craniosacral bodywork, hands on guided partner work experiencing the cranial wave directly, yoga & pranayama. We will focus on gentle and supported/ restorative asanas (with a few standing poses) to facilitate direct experience of the cranial wave in one's own body.

To book a session, contact or call 415-235-9380

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