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YYD would like to acknowledge the following organizations and individuals for their generous help and support during our development—without them, we would not be here! With deep gratitude to:
- Yoga Dana Fund
- Gaiam, Real Goods, & Whole Foods
- Kaiser Permanente
- Leo Buscaglia Foundation
- Lululemon Athletica
- The San Francisco Foundation
- The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism
- Artwork by Carlo Grunfeld. (
- A big THANK YOU to the YYD yogis: Caitlin, Greg, and Jocelyn!


Psoas I was saying... Do you trust me?
Recently published research on school based yoga & mindfulness program in Baltimore, MD
Recent Research shows the Benefits of Mindfulness for Teens
The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation Instruction in Schools by Lynne C. Waelde, Ph.D.
Stress Resiliency for Parents, Lynne C. Waelde, Ph.D.
Guiding the Girls Back Home, by Cator Shachoy
Through the Looking Glass, by Cator Shachoy
Everyone Learns Together: Youth, Families & the Dhamma (A Conversation with Ajahn Amaro)
Yoga for Teens with Scoliosis by Elise B. Miller
Mindfulness at the Gates of Hell (pdf): Published in Turning Wheel, Winter 2010.


On this page are listed other organizations which offer resources for youth. There are a lot of great activities listed here, and great people behind these organizations. We hope you will check out these links—we update this page periodically.

Youth Yoga Organizations - Art of Yoga Project

Niroga Institute - offering school yoga programs in the east bay

k-12 Yoga - a national directory for school yoga programs and research Articles

Youth Mindfulness Organizations
Mindful Schools
Located in Oakland, CA offer a mindfulness based immersion program for Elementary Schools, as well as parent and teacher Mindfulness programs.

Association for Mindfulness in Education (AME)

Mind Body Awareness Project

Other Fabulous local Organizations doing unique work with Youth

Stepping Stones
Rites of Passage groups for Junior & Senior High school ages.

Widerness Rites of Passage
Week long Teen Vision Quests in the Inyo national forest. Contact: Dave Talamo, Wilderness Reflections, P.O. Box 177, Woodacre, CA 94973

Camp Winnarainbow
Wavy Gravy and Jahanara Romney operate this Circus and performing arts camp for kids and teens with a great philosophy. They emphasize socio-economic and racial integration, as well as empowering youth to grow into themselves freely & performance skills are merely the vehicle.

Mental Health Resources for families & Children
Edgewood Center for Families and Children
Strengthens children, youth, families, and their communities through service, training, advocacy, and research. Edgewood Center operates a residential center, day programs, offers counseling programs onsite in SF public schools, and collaborates with families of at-risk youth. Edgewood advocates for the emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of children.

Florence Crittendon Services

Youth, Family, & Adult resources for Meditation & Mindfulness -
Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF)
Teen Meditation Retreats These retreats are an opportunity for teenagers to explore Mindfulness practice through guided periods of silent sitting and walking meditation, group discussions, creative activities, and free time. In addition to meditation, there is time to go for walks, play music, tell stories, and enjoy a bonfire on the last night.

Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA.
Offers annual teen and family retreats. Also longer silent meditation retreats for adults which are available to dedicated youth practitioners.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Teen Meditation Classes, Sweat Lodge Day longs, & Annual Retreat to Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery. Also offers retreats for adults which are available to dedicated youth practitioners As well as an annual family retreat and family daylong events.

Insight Medication Center (IMC) -- Redwood City

SF Insight Meditation Community

Insight Meditaiton South Bay (IMSB)

Bay Area Young Adult Sangha
This sangha is an informal gathering of dharma practioners (mostly in our 20's and 30's) who live in the greater Bay Area.

The BAYAS email list is a great community resource.

Conquer the angry man by love. Conquer the ill-natured man by goodness. Conquer the miser with generosity. Conquer the liar with truth.

-The Dhammapada
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