In order to let you know a bit more about our programs, we thought we'd ask some of the people we have worked with both students and representatives from the organizations we serve to let you know what they felt, in their own words.

Here's what some of our students have to say:

"I like how I could just come every Tuesday to get relaxed. It really helped me end the day less stressed out. Hopefully we can have more classes. Thank you so much!"

"This was my first yoga class here, and I am definitely coming back. I liked every part of this class ? the poses, relaxing, focusing on the mind & body."

"This yoga class was really fun and sparked my interest in yoga in general. I liked that we stretched out and relaxed a lot. I learned about having self peace."

"I always feel so good after this class."

"Yoga was fun! I learned a new way to relax my body"

"I learned that you can relax. It was fantastic! I felt so much better (after class). I could understand my body. Thank you!"

Here is what the Administrators and Site Coordinators of Organizations we have worked with have to say in support of Youth Yoga Dharma Programs:

"The girls at Edgewood Center loved their yoga class. We found that they benefited not just physically, but also psychologically, and emotionally from their participation in the yoga program. We are happy to have a partnership with YYD."

--Nancy Rubin, Executive Director, Edgewood Center for Families & Children

"At Edgewood Center for Children and Families we are committed to transforming the lives of children struggling with issues associated with abuse, neglect, family crisis and mental illness. We know that active, healthy children are happier children. Tthat's why in recent years, Youth Yoga Dharma has conducted yoga classes with our youth and the results have been impressive. The youth in Edgewood?s residential program have benefited tremendously from learning meditation and yoga, ultimately leading to increased self-esteem and stress reduction."

--Michael Clumeck, Director of Residential Services, Edgewood Center for Children and Families

"YYD came to Oasis for Girls to lead mindfulness workshops with our girls. Even though the girls had no idea what meditation was, YYD was able to motivate them to participate and share in the experience. One of the powerful things that came out of the workshops were holding counsel with our teenage girls. Everyone spoke at least once and really opened up to their peers about fears and anxieties that they were living with. They talked about relationship fears, they had powerful insights about their own experience, and they truly listened to one another."

-- Ly Hoang, Program Manager, OASIS FOR GIRLS (a project of The Tides Center)

"We at Lowell Wellness are so excited about the positive response generated by YYD's on-campus student yoga. Teachers, administrators, parents--approval is coming from all directions, but most importantly from the student's themselves. It's wonderful to work with a community organization that is youth-centered and provides a much-needed stress reduction service for our student community."

--Alicia R. Rozum, MSSA, Wellness Coordinator, Lowell High School Wellness Program

"At the end of a session with Cator Shachoy, my students and I reach a level that we don't reach any other day of the year - a peaceful, grounded, relaxed, sometimes inspired and calm place. My students and I feel that we are in tune with an inner peace and in tune with something higher. I am grateful to Cator for sharing with us her ability and her time."

-- Katie Glasser, Health Education, College and Career teacher & Yearbook Manager, Lowell High School

Quotes from participants in our Teacher Training Programs:

"The training was exceptional. I feel more confident to teach not just because of increased skill, but because I feel like I have a support network. Somehow I feel the energy of the group will be with me when teaching."

- Megan Cowan, YYTT participant

"This training is an excellent avenue for preparing teachers wanting to work with youth foremost for the community it builds."

- Sydney Borstel, YYTT participant

"(As a result of this training) I feel inspired to begin (or renew) certain paths in my life diversity awareness, clear communication practice, meditation for clarity and solidity of presence with people and myself"

- Allison Budner, YYTT participant

"This training has been such a supportive context for me to begin to explore that aspect of myself which is called to serve."

- Chris Andersen, YMTT participant

"Cator's teaching style (is) very fun, approachable, practical, insightful, and encouraging. She gave me confidence every step of the way. Cator created a great tone for the class ? encouraging open, genuine disclosure and dialogue."

- Jennifer Daubenmier, YMTT participant

"Cator is an excellent role model for the skills and content of the class. Her varied background in working with kids and teaching yoga and meditation previously in school and therapeutic settings was a boon for all of us"

- Sandy Kepler, YMTT participant